Paint Correction

At Kreasion Auto Detailing, our certified paint correction professionals at our shops in Beaverton and Gresham will thoroughly enhance and polish your vehicle, with the aim of making it look like new again, for many years to come. We can also come to your home or place of business with our mobile detailing service.







Paint correction services that make your vehicle look like new.


If your car doesn’t have that showroom shine like it used to, you’ve come to the right place. At Kreasion Auto Detailing our certified paint correction specialists will buff and polish your car’s paintwork with the goal of making your car shine like new again. To top it off, every paint correction and polish treatment we do is finished with a high-quality spray ceramic coating to protect the paintwork.

Our professionals like to make a distinction between light, medium, and heavy paint correction treatments. Which treatment is suitable for your car depends on the condition of the paint, clear coat, and of course the desired result. For an exact quote, we recommend making an appointment with one of our representatives for an evaluation.

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Pricing For Paint Correction Services

Light Polish


(starting price)

  • 1-Step Polish
  • Removal of Very Light Blemishes
  • Spray Ceramic Coating
  • Recommended for New Vehicles and Vehicles with Very Light Signs of Use

Medium Polish


(starting price)

  • 2-Step Cut and Polish
  • Removal of Light to Medium Blemishes
  • Spray Ceramic Coating
  • Recommended for Used Vehicles with Normal Wear-and-Tear

Heavy Polish


(starting price)

  • Multi-Step Paint Correction and Polish
  • Removal of Light to Heavy Blemishes
  • Spray Ceramic Coating
  • Recommended for Vehicles That Have Been Repainted, Have Sanding Marks, or Have Heavily Scratched and Oxidized Finishes.

If you are interested in having your car polished and then protected with a ceramic coating, be sure to take a look at our ceramic coating packages.